What we do


We are introducing young girls to STEAM education with an intense focus on computer technology. We are connecting the dots with science, technology, engineering, and math in Liberia by designing well-rounded lesson plans.

Our programs are designed to provide art and culture exposure to children during, after-school school hours or program event. We are dedicated to reducing the gender gap in technology occupations, by focusing on girls at the crucial middle school age. We offer free workshops in Liberia to get girls interested in different kinds of technology, show them varied career options, and connect them with professionals in technology fields.

Read more about our educational programs below.


ITAVA Technology Center

The ITAVA Technology Center is an educational incubator that hosts our speciality program ‘Girls in Technology’. We train motivated women and girl while giing them the tools to excel in the different areas that are lacking in our community. ITAVA GIT programs include social media networking, e-learning, STEAM childrens’ programs and science lab/travelling demonstrations. These programs cater to a wide scale of women and girls to provide training at varying levels.


Social Media Networking Program

Our aim is to train young Liberians in social media skills, coding, setting up a digital profile, and development skills, They learn to build applications that solve real problems while creating jobs and networking opportunities via the internet.


E-Learning Program

The e-learning program is a demonstrated service to the community for  quality educational opportunities online and worldwide. The aim is to empower young girls and women and promote innovation through technology. We focus on business development training, seminars, lectures, and technology courses. Around the world environments like this have created transformative impact. This will create opportunities that do not depend on the unstable economic system.


STEAM Children Programs

Our STEM curriculum is based on the idea of educating students in four specific disciplines: science, technology, engineering and mathematics. We  also incorporate A for the Arts. ‘Girl in Technology’ is a great avenue to teach girls to code. STEAM is important because it pervades every part of our lives. Science is everywhere in the world around us. Technology is continuosly expanding into every aspect of our lives.


STEAM Science Lab/Traveling Demonstrations

We deploy a dedicated team of trained community members who travel rural areas to teach STEAM concepts in schools and community centers.



We are dedicated to reducing the gender gap in technology occupations.

You can play an important role in improving educational outcomes for school students in Liberia by supporting our ITAVA Technology Centre.