Corporate Donation – Project Reporting to Keep You Involved:

Funding an entire GIT  project means you’ll be recognised as the official project sponsor. But it takes time. Here's what to expect over the course of the next 21+ months.


The Grant

Since we grant money bi-annually, your donation gets sent to the field in January or July.
6 Months Later: Our partners get permits and supplies, pick sites and begin the work.


First Update

Class  Info: An update to let you know which school  your money was sent to.

6-9 Months Later: Our partners collect midterm reports and send us the information about the specific school our project will be implementing to.

12 Months: Our partners finish the work and train the teachers about their classroom operations.


Second Update

Progress Report: A midterm update about the work on the ground and the progress towards completion.

12-15 Months Later: Our partners collect first photos and school  information.

21 Months Later: We receive completion reports, verify the data, and send you a report.


Complete –Completion Report

A GIT project report with photos, and population of the exact community you helped.Completion report you'll receive when your project is finished. 


Types of GIT Projects

We fund a variety of  GIT Projects.. We choose each project solution based on GIT availability, culture, and economic conditions. When you sponsor a project, we’ll pair your donation with a solution of an appropriate cost. These are some of our solutions:


Mobile Field Trips (One Day Event)

A custom STEAM experiential trailer can travel directly to participating schools for an on-site field trip for students. Integrate STEAM content with school curriculum for a robust learning experience.


STEAM Camps (session from 3-5 Days)

A STEAM focused day camps to offer a new, interactive element to the current school’s educational program 


Interactive Classrooms

Transform a classroom of participating school with completely custom immersive learning environment with digital and tactile interactive for hands-on learning experiences. This solution include on ITAVA concierge. 


Corporate Advocacy

Reach Underserved Communities

Career Guidance

Use our mobile outreach experience to bring value to selected partner school and generate support for STEAM programs tied to your corporation’s outreach initiatives. This solution includes teacher training and program implementation. 

STEAM outreach expands our geographic reach offering valuable enrichment opportunities to students in communities that are traditionally underserved.


A mobile STEAM classroom exposes a wider range of younger audiences to potential
STEAM career paths and the education and training required.



Education is critical to social and economic development and has a profound impact on population health.The health benefits of education accrue at the individual level (e.g., skill development and access to resources); the community level (e.g., the health-related characteristics of the environments in which people live); and the larger social/ cultural context (e.g., social policies, residential segregation, and unequal access to educational resources)



Less than half of 15- to 24-year-olds are literate, less than half of young children attend primary school, and about a third of children who start primary school do not finish.In Liberia we do not have the luxury of time. We need better schools today. We cannot wait; we must serve the needs of our children today. ITAVA STEAM program targets children from 4-10 years old. 


Economic Development

Every $1 invested in improved educational access and sanitation yields $4-12 in economic returns, depending on the region and type of project. Transform an entire educational complex or ITAVA partnering school with a gift of $10,000 or more.

Have questions about sponsoring a project? Please get in touch with our team: info@ittakesavillageafrica.org